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Restoring MSSQL 2005 backups to MSSQL 2000 server OR restoring MSSQL 2000 backups to MSSQL 2005 serv

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Restoring a database backup created with MSSQL 2005 to our MSSQL 2000 server:

A backup created on mssql 2005 server will not restore to our mssql 2000 server even if the backup was created in mssql 2005 using options to create the backup in 2000 format.  This is a known issue with the version of MSSQL 2000 we are running, and although there is a fix from Microsoft for it, we have decided not to risk installation of the fix, which potentially risks the stability of our customer's existing MSSQL 2000 databases.

However, 3Essentials now offers MSSQL 2005 hosting as well.  New customer's accounts are currently created on servers which include access to MSSQL 2005 as the MSSQL db solution.  Existing customers who are on our servers with MSSQL 2000 as the only available option (web4, 6, 8, 10, 12) can upgrade their hosting plan to one of our current plans which includes MSSQL 2005.  Quite often, there is no change in plan prices between previous plans (with MSSQL 2000) and current versions of the same plans (with MSSQL 2005).  Please check our plans pages on our site for detailson current hosting plans and prices.   Note, upgrading to a current hosting plan may require the migration of your site from one server to another.  Please submit a support request for more details.

Restoring a database backup created with MSSQL 2000 to our MSSQL 2005 server:

We are successfully able to restore MSSQL 2000 backups to our MSSQL 2005 server.

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