Knowledge Essentials - 3Essentials Hosting and SharedSSL incompatibility

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This article applies to the following servers only: web10, web12, web14.   This problem does not exist on web16 and up (i.e. web18, 20, 22, etc). 

Symptom: ASP.NET pages generate error conditions or do not function properly when accessed via the Plesk "SharedSSL" feature (i.e., in the httpsdocs folder).

Problem: There's an incompatibility between the way SWSoft designed the Plesk SharedSSL feature and ASP.Net security requirements.

Resolution: Currently, on the servers affected, cannot be used in the SharedSSL functionality. Our engineering team will be looking at implementing a change in our future server builds to address this, but currently, this is unresolved.  Possible workarounds:

  • Customers can implement a dedicated SSL certificate on their site, and works fine.  If interested, please see our site or submit a support request for current pricing.  Note, dedicated SSL certs require a dedicated/unique IP address.
  • Alternatively, customers can switch the affected pages to  switch to ASP, this "flaw" is unique only to
  • Customers can request to be migrated to a newer server where this has been resolved.


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