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KNOWN ISSUE: Web22 FTP password reset with scheduled tasks

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  • You have a domain hosted on server WEB22
  • You have scheduled tasks enabled on your domain
  • Your FTP password appears to change regularly


As an unintended consequence of security patching performed by 3Essentials to WEB22 on 11/3/2009, any domains with a SCHEDULED TASK will experience their FTP password being reset to something random regularly.  It may be daily, or on the same cycle as their scheduled task, i.e., if you have the task scheduled to run once per day, the ftp password will be reset once per day at that time. If you have it scheduled to run 4 times per day, the ftp password may be reset at each of the four run times.

This affects ONLY a small number of customers...ONLY those customers on web22 that have set up a SCHEDULED TASK in their control panel account.... and it will affect ONLY those domains where you the scheduled task is created. I.e., if you have a task under, but none under, only the FTP password for will be reset. 

- If you use TUNNELIER to connect remotely to our database server(s), the tunnelier credentials are the FTP credentials, therefore when the FTP password changes randomly, it will affect your ability to successfully make a connection with TUNNELIER.


  • If the scheduled task(s) is not needed (i.e., you only added it for testing purposes), simple remove the scheduled task via your control panel. 
  • If the scheduled task is needed, we can create a secondary FTP user account for you with the same access as the primary.  The primary will continue to be used by scheduled tasks (and would continue to have the password reset related to the scheduled task process), and you would use the secondary FTP for ftp/file management purposes.  In order to have a secondary FTP user created for you for these purposes, please submit a support request, referencing this KB article, indicate you are affected by this issue, specify what domain(s), and request a secondary FTP user be created for you.
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