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Google "Site may harm your computer" or Firefox "Attack Site" warnings

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If you've been the unfortunate victim of a hacker, you may find that when visting your site, your browser displays one of the following types of warnings:

  • Google: Malware Detected! Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer!
  • Firefox: Reported Attack Site!

These tools have recently been introduced by Google, Firefox, and in order to help the spread of malicious software through infected sites, or sites that facilitate connections to malicious sites... more frequently occuring without any knowledge of the site's owner as a result of a hacker modifying content on the website. 

To get your site removed from these warning lists, you need to follow a three step process in general:

  1. Remove the malicious code from your site
    • While you might be able to find and remove all the malicious code from your site, if you maintain a local copy of your site on your PC, you may find it's quicker and more thorough to remove all files from your hosting space, and republish your entire site from your clean, local backup copy of the site.  This doesn't work for all scenarios, but where available, can save you lots of time hunting through lines and lines of code looking for that one line of obfuscated javascript a hacker inserted into one or more of your files.
  2. Protect your site against future attacks
  3. Request a review of your site by Google for them to remove the warning.

The best resource we've found to help you through this is at


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