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ERROR: 530 User FTPUSER cannot log in, home directory inaccessible

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Q: I receive "530 User cannot log in, home directory inaccessible" when attempting to FTP to my site.

A: Most of the time, this means you've configured your site to use a dedicated IP address, but you're trying to FTP to a different address.  For example, perhaps your site was hosted on server  Most sites on this server use the primary shared ip address of [], and as such, would FTP to that IP address (even if they are using an alias like

However, if you set up your site to use a DEDICATED IP address, like, then you have to FTP to your dedicated IP address, or you'll get the message noted above because each "dedicated IP address" maps to it's own unique FTP server, and if you connect to a different one, you get "home directory inaccessible". 

If you set up your site with a Dedicated IP, try setting that IP as your FTP server name, and try connecting again. 

If you still can't connect, the other most common problem is you've had us enable FTP ACL on your site. FTP ACL limits which IP addresses are allowed to contact your site.. if FTP ACL is enabled on your site, but the IP you're connecting from isn't in the allowed list, then it will also generate this same error.  Obtain your IP address at, and then contact support asking them to add your IP address to the FTP ACL allowed list (again, this particular solution is only applicable if you previously had us enable FTP ACL on your site.

If the above solutions didn't resolve the problem, please contact support acontact our support team.

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