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DNS hosting for .DK TLD

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Can I host DNS with 3Essentials for a .DK domain?  Are 3Essentials nameservers ( approved with DK hostmaster for use as nameservers with .DK domain name registration?


At this time, 3Essentials does not wish to agree with DK Hostmaster's Terms and Conditions for becoming name server managers (having your nameservers approved for use as nameservers with .DK domain name registration).  Our assessment is the terms and conditions are not industry standard for TLD's and are not acceptable.  As a result, you cannot list 3Essentials nameservers as the nameservers for your .DK domain registration. 

You may still host your .DK domain with 3Essentials, however you'll have to utilize another solution for hosting your DNS records.  DK Hostmaster may provide DNS hosting services with their domain registration services (many other domain registrars do this at no charge) - please check with DK Hostmaster to determine if they do.  Once you've identified a solution for hosting your DNS, you can find a list of our standard DNS records for your domain for hosting with us are available inside your Plesk control panel, under domain > DNS. 

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