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Are 3Essentials hosting plans PCI compliant?

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Are 3Essentials hosting plans PCI compliant?


  • Shared Hosting: No
  • Managed Dedicated/Virtual Servers
    • These hosting plans meet the PCI Compliant Scan requirements to pass PCI Scans from most of the PCI Scanning companies.  After purchasing your hosting plan, you must contact us by sending a email to and request that your plan be configured for PCI Compliance. 
    • The following Software/Services will not be available under a PCI Compliant Hosting Plan:
      • PLESK ASP.NET Enterprise Manager. This package fails PCI Scanning and as such is removed during PCI Compliant Installation. 3Essentials provides our Secure Management Studio Service as an alternative for managing MS SQL Databases. 
      • PLESK SiteBuilder. This package is not included in PCI Compliant Hosting Plans from 3Essentials.
    • 3Essentials PCI Compliant Hosting does not "certify" your company as being PCI Compliant. PCI Compliant Hosting means that the hosting infrastructure meets the requirements to pass PCI Scans from most PCI Scanning companies, such as McAfee. Your business (including your web site data files and databases) still may need to meet PCI Standards. Please contact Visa/Mastercard for further information.
  • Dedicated or Virtual Servers (not managed): 
    • With these hosting plans, the customer is responsible for designing, implementing and managing their own hosting platform, and therefore are responsible for whether or not their hosting solution meets PCI compliance standards.

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