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Root DNN Install using APS

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Currently, this is available for the following servers:

  • WEB26

This is a workaround to root install DNN for your website using the Application Vault in PLESK, please follow the instructions exactly.

**IMPORTANT** (Permissions)

- To save time, before following the steps, submit a support ticket to our support staff and ask our support staff to apply IWPD Modify permissions to the httpdocs folder for your domain, you may use the following verbiage:


Dear Support

Please apply IWPD modify permissions to the httpdocs folder of my domain DOMAIN.COM.   <- (REPLACE DOMAIN.COM WITH YOUR DOMAIN NAME)


- Log into PLESK at

- Click Domains on the left pane.

- Click on the domain you wish to install DNN for

- Click Web Applications

- Click Install Web Application

- Click Other (not categorized)

- Click Install next to the Version of DNN you wish to install

- Check the Agreeement box and click Next

- Type in dnn for Destination Directory

- Choose a Database Name, Database Login Name and Database Login Password

- Choose a Host account Name, Host account password, Host Account E-mail Address, Admin Account Name, Admin Account Password, Admin Account E-mail Address and Portal Name.

- Click Install

This action will setup DNN files but will not initiate the installation.  Continue on to the next steps

- Click on your domain name at the top (Where it says: Home > Domains >  - You would click on "")

- This will return you to the main page.  Click on Web Hosting Settings

- Ensure that Microsoft ASP.NET Support (Version 2.0.50727.0) is checked.  Along with any scripting technologies you will use with the site.

- Check the box that says Additional write/modify permissions and click OK  at the bottom right corner of the page.

- You will return to the main page.  Click on File Manager

- Click on httpdocs

- Click on dnn or the folder you chose to install DNN into during the APS installation.

- On the top right hand corner, click the link that says all.  This will show all items in the folder.

- Check the checkbox at the very top on the left hand side of the page, this will check all of the items.  Click Copy/Move.

- For the destination folder, type in /httpdocs and click Move at the bottom right hand corner.

- This will return you to the file manager.  Click all to view all items once again.

- Find a file named index.html if this is a new site you've just created, this is our placeholder page, place a checkbox next to it and click remove  at the top of he page to remove this.  If it is your page, you may want to rename it to something else.

- If DNS hasn't pointed to your website yet, you may need to use HOSTS file entries. 

Here is more information regarding HOSTS file entries:

You will need to add this entry:

The IP address may differ depending on the server you are on, to find out the IP address of the server you are on, issue a ping command from a command prompt on your local computer and change the IP address accordingly.

Save & Close the hosts file, you may need to restart all browser windows or use a different browser for changes to take effect with the hosts file entries.

- After support staff have replied that the permissions have been added, visit your website.  Select the Auto option and click Next to initiate the install.

- All Steps Completed.


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