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Customer Credentials Retrieval

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Credentials are the username/password combinations you use to access various accounts.  We will not give you your username or password over the phone, chat, or ticket (email).  If you have lost one or more of your hosting credentials, please follow the directions below for resetting and/or retrieving those credentials. 

MyAccount | Control Panel | FTP | Email Accounts | Dedicated/Virtual RDP | Domain Registration

MyAccount [TOP]

MyAccount is where you manage your hosting account information.  Here you can do such things as, update your credit card information, account owner information, add authorized contacts, etc.
Username: Your username is the primary email address listed on the account.  
Password: Your password was set by you at the time you signed up for hosting.
To retrieve your password click the "Forgot Password" on the MyAccount login area.  Enter the primary email address when prompted.   The password will be sent by email to the primary email address within a few minuetes.  Please be sure to check your Junk/Spam folder if you have not recieved it.
Importan: If you do not know the primary email contact address on your account, or for some reason do not have access to it, you must contact our Billing team for Account Verification, and they can then assist you with this information.  To reach our billing team, submit a ticket to the billing team or contact our 1-800 number listed at the top of our site, and select the option for BILLING.

Control Panel [TOP]

The control panel is where you manage your domains hosting.  Depending on your hosting package, you will have either the Plesk control panel or the cPanel/WHM control panel.    
  • Browse to the control panel. Your control panel URL will be something like where webXX is the server on which the site is hsoted.
    • If you do not recall which server it is, you can login to MyAccount at
    • Click the PLANS tab.
    • Find the plan on which the domain is hosted and you will see the server there. You can select the CONTROL PANEL link for any domain on the hosting plan. This will launch the control panel for you.
  • Once you have reached the control panel, use the Forgot Password link. The username is your username for the control panel. The email address is the email address configured in the control panel. This should be a valid email address so that the instructions can be sent to you.
  1. Go to your cPanel URL (something like ).
  3. Enter your cPanel username, and click RESET PASSWORD. Leave the window open.
  4. You will be sent a CONFIRMATION email with a CONFIRMATION CODE within minutes.
  5. Once you've received the email, enter the CONFIRMATION CODE into the cPanel password reset page or click one of the links provided in the email.
  6. cPanel will generate you a new password - be sure to note it, and log in with that new password.  You can change that password under PREFERENCES once logged into cPanel if you prefer.
  7. If you do not know your cPanel username, or you do not receive the CONFIRMATION email, please contact our SUPPORT team for assistance. To reach the SUPPORT team, submit a ticket to the SUPPORT or select the LIVE SUPPORT CHAT link at the top of our site, and select the option for SUPPORT.

FTP/FrontPage [TOP]

FTP credentials are what you use to make an FTP or FTPS connection to publish/upload your website files to your hosting space.  You cannot retrieve your FTP credentials, however you can reset them in your control panel.
  1. Log into your Plesk Control Panel.
  2. Click Home if present in the Main Menu navigation pane on the left, or click Domains if Home is not present.
  3. Click the domain.
  4. Click the Setup or Web Hosting Settings icon ( only one will be present ).
  5. On this hosting setup page, you will see a long list of hosting setup options.  Do not make changes to any of them (unless you are familiar with those options), except the following:
    • New FTP/Microsoft FrontPage password: Enter a new password
    • Confirm Password: Enter the new password again
  6. Click OK at the bottom of the page.  
  1. Log into your cPanel account.
  2. Under FILES, select FTP ACCOUNTS.  Your options for managing FTP accounts, including resetting passwords are available there.

Email Accounts [TOP]

Username: when specifying the username in a mail client (Outlook, Windows Live Mail, etc), the username is the full email address (i.e.,

Passwords: passwords cannot be retrieved, and can only be reset through your control panel.  


  1. Log into your Plesk Control Panel.
  2. Click Mail if present in the Main Menu OR click Domains if Mail was not present.
  3. If you clicked Domains then click the Mail icon.
  4. After clicking Mail you may be prompted for your Plesk credentials.  Enter them again and click the Manage icon that appears under the prompt.  Now Navigate to the Domain Settings > Users.
  5. If not prompted after clicking Mail you will see the list of your user accounts.
  6. Edit the user to the change the password.
The location of your mail management menu will vary and can be confusing.   More detailed instructions are available in the following article:
Once you get to your user accounts you can edit them to change the password.
  1. Log into the cPanel.
  2. Click Email Accounts icon in the Mail grouping.
  3. Find the email account and click Change Password.

Dedicated/Virtual Server RDP [TOP]

For those Dedicated Server and Virtual Server customers who do not have a MANAGED server plan, then you have RDP access with administrator credentials provided you at the time of your account setup.  If you do not have those credentials, contact our SUPPORT team for options in providing you credentials.  To reach our SUPPORT team, submit a ticket or click the support chat option found at the top of of our site.

Domain Registration Account [TOP]

Domain registration services are completely separate from our hosting services.  If you need assistance with your credentials or other assistance in accessing your domain registration account for domains registered through 3Essentials, please go to and select the option for MANAGE YOUR DOMAIN REGISTRATION ACCOUNT.  Options are provided there for retrieving your credentials for the domain registration account area. 
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