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3Essentials - Change In My Account Authorization

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Subject:  3Essentials - Change In My Account Authorization

NOTE:  Please do not reply to this email.  This notification is being sent from an unmonitored email account.  Should you have any questions regarding this email, please contact us by sending a email to billing [at]  You can validate this email to ensure that it is not spam by visiting  A copy of this notification will be posted there.

This notification is for web hosting accounts only and affects changes to our online My Account area located at  This does not affect your login portal for managing your domain registration.

3Essentials has been working hard to provide a secure and reliable hosting service for our customers.  As a result of our efforts to keep our customers information secure, all customers will now be required to provide 3Essentials representatives with an 8 digit PIN when using our Online Chat or Phone channels before 3Essentials will provide assistance with the hosting account.

As an Account Owner you can login to My Account via to create your Authorization PIN.  The steps to create the PIN are below:

1.  Login to My Accounts, reference the URL Above
2.  Click On Update Profile
3.  Click the "Authorization PIN" link located just under the 3Essentials Logo
4.  Follow the instructions on the "Change Your Authorization Pin" page to create your PIN.  NOTE:  Once the PIN is generated and then saved you will not be able to view the pin once you logout of My Accounts.  Save your PIN in a secure place.

Authorized Contacts
A new feature added to My Accounts is the capability to create authorized contacts that can request support on your behalf.  As an Account Owner you can make any change you like and request any change on your hosting plans.  If you wish to delegate technical support tasks to your employees you can create an "Authorized Contact" by click the "Authorized Contacts" link.  Each "Authorized Contact" will have a unique PIN generated by you.  Once the contact has been created, provide the PIN to the contact. When the contact requests support, 3Essentials will ask for their email address and unique pin for authorization.  Without this PIN support will not be provided.

3Essentials values our customers and these new additions and changes are being added to further enhance the protection of our customer’s information and hosting.

Thank You For Your Business,

Geoff Gauldin
3Essentials Hosting
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