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Customer database (MS SQL, MySQL, MS Access) Backup & Restore policy

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For detailed information on 3Essentials' nightly system backups, please see the article about "3Essential's Backup & Restore policy".  The following information is specific to backup provided for databases:

MS SQL 2000 & 2005:

  • 3Essentials delivers MS SQL hosting by using leveraged MSSQL servers (i.e., high performance hardware dedicated to providing an MSSQL server instance leveragable by multiple customers). 3Essentials implements a nightly MS SQL maintenance job which performs a complete backup of each MSSQL database within the MSSQL instance.
  • These backups are retained for 7 days ONLY, and are rotated automatically.


  • 3Essentials is running MySQL 4.x using MyISAM tables, which can be backed up simply by copying the actual files which make up the tables.  As such, 3Essentials' nightly system backups include the MySQL\data directory which includes all customers database files.  With these files we can restore my SQL databases, as necessary.  Nightly system backups are retained for seven days.

MS Access:

  • MS Access databases are simple files, just like any other file on your site (an html file, or an asp file), and as such, do not require any special backup solution.  Instead, they are backed up with your website via 3Essentials nighly system backups.  Please refer to the 3Essentials backup & restore policy article for further details on that process.  
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