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URL Rewrite/mod_rewrite for Windows on IIS 7.x 8.x

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For customers who are looking for URL Rewrite functionality and are hosted on our Windows 2003, IIS6 hosting, please see:

For customers who are looking for a URL rewrite function (like Apache's mod_rewrite) on our Windows 2008 IIS7 or Windows 2012 IIS8 based hosting, Windows IIS 7.5 and IIS8 provide this functionality.  Customers can control this functionality directly in their web.config file on their site.  The following resources may assist you in configuring these options:

Additionally, if you're uncomfortable configuring these options, 3Essentials technicians can assist by implementing some URL Rewrite configurations for you.  The following are configurations we will currently implement for you on request:

  • Enforcing a primary hostname for your site (i.e., vs
    • example: redirecting to (or vice versa) 


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