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Visual Studio 2010 support

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Question: Can I use Visual Studio 2010 for my hosted site at 3Essentials?

Answer:  Yes, however VS 2010 uses .Net 4.0 framework by default, and currently 3Essentials does not support the .Net 4.0 framework on our SHARED and MANAGED hosting services (see:

So to use VS 2010, you'll need to set the ASP.Net Framework level to 3.0/3.5.  To make this work, right-click the project in Solution Explorer pane, then select Property Pages.  Go to Build option and change the Target Framework to 3.0. This allows you to use the newer VS 2010 features but builds the files using 3.0 so that the web server will execute your .aspx pages.

Also, check to ensure that you do not have any references that point to .NET version
  • If you're using C#, you may see this under References click the reference and scroll down to see the "Version" property.
  • If you're using VB, right click the project, select "Properties" and hit the References tab to see all the references and their respective .NET versions.
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