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HOW TO: Create a mailing list

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How you create a mailing list will vary slightly depending on which one of our servers you are hosted on due to different control panel interfaces.  Find your server below, and use the noted instructions:

Plesk for Windows with Smartermail Servers
Web28, Web26, Web24, Web22, Web20, Web18, Web16, Web14, Web12, and managed server customers who selected the Smartermail upgrade for their server. 

  1. Log into your Plesk Control panel
  2. click the MAIL icon
    • For Plesk 9.x versions, this is in the left hand navigation pane.
    • For Plesk 8.x and below, click your domain, then click the MAIL icon
  3. when prompted, log in again with your plesk control panel username and password
  4. click on the MANAGE MAIL icon for the domain in question, this will launch the Smartermail Mail Administration interface.
    • If you cannot find this option, please contact our support team.
  6. Click NEW/EDIT as necessary to create or managed mailing lists.
  7. TIP!  In Smartermail, once a user is set as the MODERATOR for a mailing list, when they log into the WEBMAIL interface (, the mailing list will then show up under SETTINGS, and that user will be able to directly manage all settings for that mailing list there.

Plesk for Windows with MailEnable Servers
Web4, Web6, Web8, Web10, and managed server customers with our standard mail soltuion, MailEnable

Please see the following article:

Plesk for Linux servers with Qmail
Web7, Web5

... update pending

cPanel Servers
Web11, Web9

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