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ERROR: 80004005 Errors (commonly with MSAccess mdb file)

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Any of several similar errors from OLE DB Provider for ODBC or Microsoft Jet Database Engine, frequently generated when using ASP to access an MS Access mdb file.


This can be caused by several things:
  • your site's IUSR (under which ASP code is executed) doesn't have MODIFY permissions to the MDB file.
  • the directory where the mdb file is stored on your site, the IUSR user needs MODIFY permissions to that directory, not just the mdb file itself.  This is because it will created a lock file (ldb) in the same directory as the mdb file, so it will need to be able to write/create that file.
  • you're using a DSN based connection and there is a problem with the DSN:
    • you didn't create it
    • you created it in plesk, but for some reason it wasn't created on the server
    • the path you specified to the mdb file is incorrect...
    • you generally can test this by eliminating the use of the DSN, and testing the same code with a DSN-less connection
  • a corrupt database... assuming you have a local copy of it that you've verified as good, you can try uploading a new copy of it.
  • a process still has a file handle open to the file.. i.e., your FTP client that you used to upload the mdb file, a connection to your site that exercised a connection to the file didn't properly close.  You can request the support team recycle your application pool which will close any connections from your site... and you should make sure you have logged off or closed any FTP clients if you recently published a new copy of the mdb file.
  • the mdb file has the READ ONLY attribute set
  • Windows2008/IIS7 hosting: For customers on our Windows 2008/IIS7 based hosting, please review this KB article: Using ASP with an MS Access mdb file on IIS7 hosting
Some of these items you can check yourself, and our support team can assist you with those you can't.  You may also want to review this article which similarly discusses a wide variety of possible causes:
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