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Disabling Application Pool Idle Timeout Reversed 01/2011

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Question:  I'm hosted on WEB26 and had previously requested the Application Pool Idle Timeout be disabled, but now it appears it's been reenabled, what happened? 

explanations of the application pool idle timeout topic are found at:

Answer:  As part of our Plesk 9.5.4 and 4.0 upgrades on WEB26 on 01/08/2011, an unexpected result occurred that didn't show up in our testing.  Sites with the application pool idle timeout disabled, had that change reversed, reenabling the 5 minute idle timeout.   We will gladly re-disable the application pool idle timeout for you upon request, simply contact the support team.

Question:  Why don't you just disable it now for all sites?

Answer:  The application pool idle timeout will only affect based sites due to the delays introduced by JIT compilation. We have many customers who use our Windows hosting for ASP, PHP, PERL and HTML only.  For those customers, we don't need to disable the idle timeout, as it does not have the same impact it does on based sites.  Enabling it on sites where is not used, unnecessarily causes more memory usage than necessary.  So as a part of efforts to the best value and most affordable pricing, we leave the idle timeout enabled, and disable it by requests for customers using based sites.
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