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Server Hardware Failure Policy

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Server Hardware Failure Policy

3Essentials attempts to maintain an inventory of available parts for servers in the event of a hardware failure, however we do not guarantee that we will have a part in our datacenter if a failure occurs.

If a failure occurs and 3Essentials does not have the part available, we will order the part with the fastest shipping method available from the hardware vendor.

3Essentials provides no guarantee on how long a replacement may take to install whether the part is in our datacenter or needs to be ordered.

Based on the availability of certain parts, 3Essentials may order an entire server as a replacement.

To ensure our customers have an adequate understanding of hardware failures and how they relate to potential data loss we recommend that you review our article entitled "Do I Need RAID?"

3Essentials Server Hardware Failure Policy is an additional policy that only pertains to customers who purchase dedicated servers plans.  All Customers are still bound by our Terms Of Service.

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