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Can I use WebMatrix to publish my hosted site?

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Can I use WebMatrix to publish my hosted site?

Yes, You may publish your site with Microsoft's WebMatrix tool. Hoever, please note the following issues with WebMatrix:

  • WebMatrix does not support FTPS, though it does support FTP.
  • If you wish to publish your database and you are setup to use Plink or Tunnelier to establish an SSH tunnel, please note that the WebMatrix Wizard is unable to specify the alternate port required to pass through the SSH tunnel to your database server. However, you can manually edit the database connection string to include the alternate port.

    WebMatrix will not specify an alternate port correctly. During the "add database connection" process in WebMatrix, it allows you to specify the host, the database name, the uid and pw. The host should be localhost. But it will not allow you to specify localhost:3307 for example. There is an option to "save to file" or "save to web.config" in this wizard. Because WebMatrix is using .Net is needs to save the db connection as a connection string in a web.config file. It places this file in the root of the local copy of the site you are developing. For example, the connection string for MySQL will look like this:


    To specify the alternate port, you need to add the Port= element to the line as follows. This is done by editing to the web.config and then restarting WebMatrix.

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