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Secure DB Admin

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Secure DB Admin

Secure DB Admin is 3Essentials' solution for customers to connect to their MSSQL or MySQL database from your favorite desktop database administration tool, for example:

MSSQL Manamgement Studio
MySQL Administrator
MySQL Front
and others..

This solution is is place customers on SHARED hosting platforms and Managed server platforms.

NOTE: Customers on Self-Managed/Un-Managed servers manage their own firewalls, access, and security. We we would recommend limiting access to port 1433/3306 to just your IP address(es) and/or installing your own ssh solution.

This requires a special solution because 3Essentials firewalls do not allow native MSSQL (TCP 1433) and MySQL (TCP 3306) into our environment from the Internet.  Allowing that traffic in from the Internet is widely considered to be an insecure practice, though many hosting companies do allow this in order for their customers to be able to manage their databases remotely from their desktop with their favorite db management tool.  Leaving that traffic open would allow any internet based hacker or worm (remember SQL slammer from the 1990's) to probe those database servers.  As a result, we follow the security best practice to block this traffic, and have developed a solution that provides you the same functionality in a more secure implementation. 

3Essentials "Secure DB Admin" simply provides you the same connectivity, but tunneled over a secure connection into our network.  Think of it as a VPN (virtual private network) connection.  You still connect with your standard db management tool, there's just another layer to the connection, which encapsulates that conversation inside a secure communication channel between your PC and our desktop.

This access can be enabled for you on request.  Simply submit a support request asking us to enable Secure DB Admin for your hosting, specify the relevant information noted below in the sample request, and our team will enable access and send you instructions for use:

---sample request----

Please enable Secure DB Admin for my hosting:

My PC is running: (choose one)
[_] Linux
[_] Windows

My DB is:
[_] MySQL

My DB admin app is:
[_] MSSQL Management Studio
[_] MySQL Administrator
[_] MySQL Workbench
[_] Navicat
[_] Other

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