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Can I change my DNS records (including MX records) to achieve my own custom DNS configuration?

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3Essentials provides a standard DNS configuration which provides for web and mail services to be directed to 3Essentials servers.  When you register your domain and configure it to use 3Essentials nameservers, you've made our DNS configuration active for your domain.  There are a couple of scenarios where customers may wish a more customized DNS configuration, in lieu of our standard DNS zone.  Through our control panel, we provide you the ability to manage your DNS zone (if your DNS is hosted with us), should you have sufficient knowledge of DNS, so that you can manage your DNS to meet your specific requirements and needs. 

3Essentials does not provide consulting on alternate DNS configurations besides our default configuration.  To clarify, if you are going to make changes to your DNS zone, it is presumed you will have sufficient knowledge of DNS to properly assess your requirements and implement the necessary changes to achieve your desired configuration.  3Essentials is not responsible for unexpected service outages resulting from changes you've made to your domain's DNS zone which deviated from our standard. 

If you....

  1. You want to manage your own DNS.    You have your own DNS servers (either you or your company does) and you want to manage the master DNS zone file for your domain.  Simply update your domain registration to use the nameservers you want them to use.  If you need assistance in defining what records you need to include in your zone file for your domain in order for web and/or mail services to point to our hosting servers, you can log into the control panel, click your domain, and click on DNS... this will show you our standard DNS configuration... it won't be active for you, since you are hosting your own DNS, but you can review this to retrieve sample DNS record configuration which point to our server.  Instructions for accessing the DNS features in the control panel are listed below.  Additionally, you may submit a support ticket indicating you are hosting your own DNS, and specify what records you need assistance with (www, MX, etc..).
  2. You want to keep web services and DNS services with 3Essentials, but direct mail to your own mail server (or some similar change).  You can use the DNS icon in the control panel for your domain to make the necessary changes to your MX record(s) to implement this. 

You can access DNS settings for your domain via the control panel:

    • Log into your control panel 
    • click on the domain name
    • click on the DNS icon
    • Here you will find your entire DNS zone for your review... all DNS records for the domain, and make changes as you wish to meet your needs.
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