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3Essentials New Datacenter in RTP NC

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After many months of hard work by our dedicated staff, I am pleased to announce that 3Essentials has opened a new data center in RTP North Carolina.  As most of our customers know, we had a data center in RTP/Raleigh for several years.  This data center was not growing due to high costs from the DC provider.  In 2006 we started new growth in our Dallas, TX data center.  We have long recognized that we need to operate our own data center, to stream line our support and provide products and services at more affordable price points.

In January of 2011 we acquired a data center space and began the task of getting the data center ready for production.  In May 2011 our data center went into production and we began moving existing customers out of our current location and into our new one.  This process was complete by the end of May, and we have been upgrading the data center since then.

We will continue to fully support both locations.  Both or Dallas, TX and RTP, NC DC's are fully redundant data centers, while our RTP, NC DC is fully staffed by 3Essentials employees and under the direct operational management of 3Essentials Hosting.

I would like to thank our dedicated staff for the great job they do every day, supporting our loyal customer base.  3Essentials is a hosting provider founded on the principle of providing excellent customer service, and we look forward to serving our customers in the future.

Geoff Gauldin
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