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How to change / reset mail user password

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  Managing a mail account is a simple task performed through the control panel.  The interface for managing a mailbox via the Control Panel will vary slightly depending on which 3Essentials server you are hosted on, as we have two different mail administration interfaces.  The instructions for each follow below, follow the correct instructions for your server:

Managing Mail Accounts through the Plesk Control Panel

    Log into your Plesk control panel at (instructions provided in your Welcome Email)

    Click the Mail icon under Main Menu options in the upper-left corner

    You will be prompted to log in with your Plesk Control Panel username and password again (please do so)

    A button named MANAGE should appear for each domain on your account (just one if you only have one domain), click the MANAGE button for the domain you wish to create a mailbox.

    This will open the SmarterMail Mail Management interface within your Control Panel.

    NOTE: If this is the first time you have done this, you will be prompted to select a timezone and some additional preferences.  Please select the applicable choies, and click the SAVE button at the top left. Each new mail user will be prompted for these same choices the first time they log into Webmail (if they chose to use webmail).

    Click the icon on the lower left vertical menu. The icon looks like two gears and when highlighted will expand to display "Settings".

    Expand DOMAIN SETTINGS in the left menu, and then select USERS.

    On the EMAIL USERS page, select the mail user you want to edit and then select the EDIT button at the top.

    You can now type the password for the mail account and save.

Managing Mail Accounts through CPanel

    Log into your CPanel control panel at (instructions provided in your Welcome Email)

    Click the Email Accounts button under the Mail section.

    Find the mail account you want to manage.

    Select the Change Password link

    Enter the password twice and hit the Change Password button

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