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Domain Registration via AIT Domains / NAMESERVICES.NET

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Prior to 2004, 3Essentials partnered with AIT domains for domain registration services.  For customers with domains registered there:

  • you know you registered the domain through 3Essentials
  • your domain registration registration will show up as:
    • or AIT DOMAINS (or something similar)

MANAGE your domain registration by logging into

SUPPORT for your domain registration can be obtained from 3Essentials directly by contacting our support team via the options here:

TRANSFER your domain from 3Essentials / AIT Domains to another registrar:

  • You must contact our hosting support in order for us to obtain an auth-info code. You then present that code to the domain registrar you're transferring the domain to.
  • The auth-info code is alternatively called an auth code, a transfer key, a transfer secret, an EPP code, EPP authentication code, or EPP authorization code.
  • Contact our support team via the options here:


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