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SSL Certificates: Wildcard vs single domain

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In general, there are three types of certificates:

a) single-domain certificate: this certificate can be used only for an individual domain name like It will also include the ability to apply for as well. But consider that a single domain name ( 
A single-domain certificate issued for:
... would work ONLY for:
It will NOT work for:
b) wildcard certificate: this certificate can be used for unlimited number of SUBDOMAINS (or HOSTNAMES) of a SINGLE DOMAIN name... i.e., *
A wildcard certificate issued for * WOULD work for:
It would NOT work for:
c) multi-domain certificate: A multi-domain certificate can work for DIFFERENT DOMAIN NAMES... 
For example, a mult-domain certificate issued to, and, WOULD work for:
But WOULD NOT work for:
Additional notes on multi-domain certificates:
  • multi-domain certificates, the price increases with each domain you want it to apply to. 
  • We do not sell multi-domain certificates, only single-domain and wildcard certificates. 
Considerations for you making a purchase decision:
Currently, our prices for single-domain and wildcard certificates are:
single-domain: $59.95
wildcard: $199.95
(please note, our prices may have changed since the publishing of this article, these price points are for illustration purpose only, please see our current price list or contact our billing team for current pricing). 
If you only needed to secure 3 subdomains, for example these names:
Then the most COST effective approach is:
$59.95 single domain cert for
$59.95 single domain cert for
$59.95 single domain cert for
$179.85 Total
So purchasing individual single-domain certificates would be a more cost-effective approach, because the $179 would be cheaper than the $199 for a wildcard certificate. 
HOWEVER, If you needed to secure 5 subdomains, for example these names:
... and you purchased single-domain certificates for each, the cost would be:
$59.95 single domain cert for
$59.95 single domain cert for
$59.95 single domain cert for
$59.95 single domain cert for
$59.95 single domain cert for
$299.75 TOTAL
$199 for a wildcard cert for *, which would cover:
... and ANY OTHER subdomain of 
So in this scenario, the wildcard certificate would be the more cost effective approach. 


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