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Unable to upload files using IE with web folder option

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When you attempt to connect to your site with IE, using the web folder option to upload data you may receive the following

Internet Explorer could not open http://WebSiteName as a Web Folder. Would you like to see its default view instead?

Or, when you double-click the Web Folders icon in My Computer or Windows Explorer, you may receive the following error message:

Cannot connect to Web server http://WebSiteName. The server could not be located, or may be too busy to respond. Please check your typing or check to make sure the Web server is available. For details see C:\TempDirectoryName\Wecerr.txt.
Authoring for FrontPage extensions is disabled
1. Login to PLESK
2. Click your domain name
3. Click the Setup Icon
4. Enable authoring for FrontPage
5. Save the changes
Now you should be able to connect and upload files using web folders
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