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TweetAdder Error: check your network settings / validating registration key

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We recently (December 2012) had several cusotmers contact us that Tweet Adder suddently stopped working, generating these errors:

  • it appears that you are not connected to the internet or you have a firewall blocking TA from accessing the internet.  Please check your network settings and then restart the software.
  • there was an error validating your registration key. Please check your internet connection. 


While 3Essentials does not provide support for TweetAdder, and refer customers to TweetAdder directly for support of their application, we did take time to investigate this particular issue due to the volume of customers reporting this.  Upon our investigation, it appears there were some changes to TweetAdder's infrastructure or to Twitter, which necessitates an update to the TweetAdder application.  

Check your TweetAdder 3.0 build number, and if it's below  121210, you need to download an updated TweetAdder version.  You can do this by going to, and downloading the new version while on your virtual desktop.  Launch the downloaded exe, and it will update your TweetAdder installation.  Please contact TweetAdder directly for any questions or support concerns regarding downloading/installing/upgrading your TweetAdder installation, as 3Essentials does not provide support for the TweetAdder application. 

The following screen capture shows where in the tweet adder application you can see the build number on your current installation. 


UPDATE:  One of our customers shared the following response they received back from TweetAdder's support on this, which explains the scenario:


Our server provider moved the website to new hardware causing the original ip address the software referenced to work to change. This made the older versions of the software nonfunctional as it looks for the OLD ip address.  Please goto to download the new version that works off the correct ip address. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.


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