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3Essentials has long been known as an excellent host for DNN sites - with affordably priced, reliable DNN hosting, and handling new/blank installations of DNN installations for you.  One recurring customer request we've received has been for us to handle some DNN application support as well, which would normally be outside the scope of our hosting support services.  This would include items such as DNN Application Support, and DNN Developer Support.  

3Essentials now provides some of these services for you at our standard rates for support items which are outside the scope of support for standard hosting platform issues. 

DNN Application Support

For SHARED HOSTING and MANAGED SERVER hosting plans, the 3Essentials support team will always look over a DNN site error you're experiencing and assess if the problem is related to the hosting platform or an application related error, and make that assessment for free as part of the support services included with your hosting plan.

Items related to the hosting platform that we'll review and correct for you are: 

  • permissions
  • application pool recycle
  • .Net framework version
  • database connectivity and accessibilty

If the problem is hosting platform related, we fix that as part of your normal support services included with your hosting plan. 

​Once we've ruled out any hosting platform related issue, you know you're dealing with an application code or configuration related condition.  The following options are available to you for troubleshooting DNN application and configuration errors not related to the hosting platform: 

For users of DNN commercial versions (DNN Professional or DNN Enterprise), you have support available directly from DNN corporation, and we recommend you contact DNN for application related support.  Details on their Standard and Elite levels of support available to users of their commercial product versions are available here: 

For users of DNN Community Edition, you have the following support options:

  • DNN community support resources are available at the following link:
  • 3Essentials Paid DNN Application Support services: 
    • ​Paid application support services are available at the following rate for DNN versions that have not been sunsetted (end of life) by DNN:
    • DNN active versions at the publishing of this article are
      • DNN 6.x and 7.x.  
      • 5.x and below have been sunsetted/end of life by DNN and 3Essentials is not offering application support services for these versions. 
    • To engage our application support services, we will require pre-approval of one quarter hour of work to perform an initial assessment.   After the initial assessment, we will have either fixed the problem, or will be able to provide you a better estimated on the time needed to fix the problem. 
    • There is no guaranteed turnaround time associated with our paid application support services.
    • If we cannot fix the problem, you will not be charged for paid application support services, including no charge for the initial assessment.
  • DNN Developer Support services: developer support is not strictly for development and coding needs.  Quite often, troubleshooting of complex application issues requires someone familiar with an intimiate knowledge of the DNN framework and codebase, and this is the realm of a quality .Net developer experienced with DNN. Below in the DNN Developer Support area you'll find the available options for this type of support.  

DNN Developer Support

The following services are options for providing a range of needs:

For users of DNN commercial versions (DNN Professional or DNN Enterprise), you have support available directly from DNN corporation as well as optional access to their DNN Developer Support services, and we recommend you contact DNN corp directly for those options.  Details on their available Developer Support services can be found here:

For users of DNN Community Edition, you have the following developer support related options:

DNN community support resources are available at the following link:

Independent DNN development support professionals. 

3Essentials recommended and preferred DNN developer support provide is Iowa Computer Gurus 

The team at Iowa Computer Gurus has in depth DNN knowledge and can handle supporting any range of DNN related issues, from troubleshooting and debugging complex DNN application and module issues to complex DNN Upgrades to custom module/extension development.  Iowa Computer Gurus uses 3Essentials hosting for hosting of their customers sites, giving them complete familiarity with our hosting platform and support services. They have a long and trusted relationship with 3Essentials and have provided in depth DNN application and development support to numerous 3Essentials hosting customers. 


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