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3Essentials Unified Messaging business mail solution is a premium messaging and collaboration solution designed to meet communication needs of business.  Delivered via Smartertools Smartermail Enterprise software, our Unified Messaging solution delivers Microsoft Exchange level email service features and instant messaging for a fraction of the cost.  


SmarterMail is a powerful Windows mail collaboration server designed to help businesses connect with customers, employees, and partners using today’s most popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook for Windows or Mac and a wide variety of mobile devices. Increase productivity with enterprise-class collaboration features that most people associate with more expensive mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange, including email, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes

SmarterMail’s calendaring feature allows users to choose their default calendar view (either daily, weekly, monthly or all appointment views), show task start dates and due dates, specify working hours, and view the 7-day weather forecast.

Share calendars, tasks, contacts, notes and more: Sharing resources across a company, department, or among a group of users is simple with SmarerMail email collaboration server. Users can create, manage, and share collaboration items via webmail, third-party clients, or mobile devices.

Share files and eliminate attachments with cloud-based file storage.  Users can turn their SmarterMail mailbox into their own personal cloud and send files of all sizes to friends, family and business associates. By uploading files to the server and sharing them through public links, users will never have to worry that a file is too large. 

Mailing lists for large email distributions: Businesses can use SmarterMail’s mailing list feature to send mass email to customers regarding special promotions, product updates, or company news. Manage opt-in email lists and distribute email communications to large groups of people quickly and easily. Automatic detection and removal of bounced emails ensures greater efficiency in mailing list maintenance.

Mobile / Sync

It’s easy to communicate using email and instant messaging from most smartphones and tablets, including Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows mobile devices. SmarterMail also supports synchronization of email and collaboration items via Exchange ActiveSync, SyncML, CalDAV and CardDAV giving users access to their calendars, contacts, tasks and notes on hundreds of compatible devices.

For those without devices supporting ActiveSync, a separate webmail interface optimized for mobile devices delivers an "app" like experience on any web enabled smarterphone.  

Instant Messaging
With a built in XMPP server for intra-domain communication, SmarterMail’s instant messaging is fully compatible with a number of mobile instant messaging clients such as IM+ and IMO. That means users can stay connected to co-workers even while traveling, ensuring instant access to any important information that may have otherwise been missed.   An instant messaging client is even built directly into the webmail interface to allow IM chatting directly from the robust webmail.  
Word Class Webmail

With a webmail interface that’s intuitive for both casual and power users, SmarterMail provides access to email, instant messaging, calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks from any device or tablet with a Web browser. If you don't want to use an email client like Outlook, you don't have to; all of Smartermail's functionality is available using a Web browser.

Use SmarterMail to manage multiple email accounts. Through POP Retrieval and IMAP Retrieval, users can send and receive messages from any email clients that support POP, IMAP and SMTP email accounts and configure different signatures to use with each account.


A multi-layer spam prevention strategy including Commtouch's Premium Antispam's Recurrent Pattern Detection boosts spam protection to 99.5% accuracy.  Now that's effective spam fighting. 


Intrusion detection monitors the mail server for malicious activity and blocks attackers. 

Complex password enforcement ensures that your end users don't expose themselves or your company by using their old reliable passwords like "abc123", "123456", the only slightly more secure "12345678" or the dreaded "password"

POP, IMAP and SMTP services are only supported over SSL, ensuring encrypted credentials transmission. 

Antivirus scanning and quarantine of detected virus attachments. 





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