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How-To Edit Folder and File Permissions with the Plesk Control Panel

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Since Pleask 10.x , Plesk now allows meaningful file permissions changes. This is especially useful for ASP.NET and DNN customers whose IWPD users need read/write/modify on all files under httpdocs. Prior version of the control panel would not let you set permissions at the root level of your site. Newer versions of the control panel now allow you to do this yourself.

  • Log into your Plesk control panel.
  • Select the Files tabat the top of the page.
  • Select the root directory folder from the left column on the main page. You should see the root directory in the main column now, this can include but is not limited to httpdocs, cgi-bin, error_docs, and logs.
  • If you are setting permissing on the root directory, mouse over the httpdocs folder's row and select the drop down arrow that pops up, then select Change Permissions.
    • NOTE: This example illustrates changing permissions on the root directory. If instead you need to set permissions on a directory under the root, then click the root directory and drill down to where you need to set the permission.

  • Now for customer's on windows hosts who are looking to give their IWPD or IWPG user Read/Write/Modify permissions select the row that shows the user, than in the left column select the Modify check box under Allow this should automatically populate all of the other check boxes.

  • Select OK when you are finished.
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