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Crystal Reports and MS SQL Reporting Services info

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This article describes 3Essentials support position on MS SQL Reporting services and Crystal Reporting services components for it's hosting plans:

  • Shared Hosting:
    • These services(MSSQL Reporting Services and Crystal Reporting services) are enterprise level services, and as such, beyond the boundaries of low-cost, shared hosting services. If you require these components, our Virtual or Dedicated Server offerings may meet your needs.  Please check the SERVERS link at for details on our current Virtual and Dedicated Server plans. unmanaged server.  
  • Virtual or Dedicated Server (unManaged):
    • The customer is provided RDP access with full admin privileges, and as such, can install any application(s) to meet their needs, which they have properly licensed (i.e., Crystal Reports or MSSQL Reporting Services).  Please note the following considerations for properly licensing Microsoft products, like MSSQL / Reporting Services:
      • MSSQL Express editions (including Express with Advanced Services which includes a subset of Reporting Services functionality) which are free would be considered properly licensed. 
      • Other editions of MSSQL (Workgroup, Standard):
        • can only be used if our company has Microsoft volume licensing for that edition with Microsoft's Licensing Mobility, contact sales to see if you qualify for using your own Microsoft product licensing on top of our Dedicated and Virtual server hosting solutions.  
        • If you have retail licensing of one of those SQL editions, it cannot be used with Microsoft SPLA hosting partners, such as 3Essentials, and licensing mut be obtained through 3Essentials. 
        • Our Sales team can work with you to answer questions regarding these licensing considerations, and to provide you licensing through 3Essentials for Microsoft solutions to be hosted on your Virtual or Dedicated Server. 
  • Managed Virtual Servers and Managed Dedicated Servers:
    • Crystal Reports: Crystal Reports for .NET is free and comes with Visual Studio, and is thoroughly integrated with both the Visual Studio .NET IDE and the .NET Framework.  3Essentials Virtual Managed and Dedicated Managed server plans provide 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5.  Your Crystal Reports for .Net implementation may require deployment of a Crystal Reports framework redistributable; it will be the customer's requirement to identify this as a requirement, and to provide 3Essentials the correct version of the redistributable for the customer's needs.  Provided the proper redistributable from the customer, 3Essentials will gladly install it on the customers Virtual Managed or Dedicated Managed Server on their behalf to provide the necessary support for Crystal Reports for .Net.
      • If you want the additional functionality of centralized report management, scheduled deployments and integrated security found in Crystal Reports Server, 3Essentials does not allow Crystal Reports Server on it's Virtual Managed or Dedicated Managed Server offerings at this time.
    • MSSQL 200x Reporting Services: 3Essentials does not support MSSQL Reporting Services on it's Managed hosting solutions.


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