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FrontPage Extensions End-of-Life

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In September 2006, Microsoft announced that FrontPage 2003 would be the last version of FrontPage to be released. The product has reached its end-of-life. FrontPage Server Extensions (FPSE) have also reached their end-of-life as of June 30, 2006. Microsoft also announced that FrontPage Extensions for Unix reached their end-of-life.

Our control panel vendors no longer support FPSE. Further, FPSE is insecure. Use of FPSE features can introduce security holes that can be exploited.

Because of this 3Essentials no longer offers support for FrontPage nor for FrontPage Server Extensions.

To develop and publish your website, we suggest the following options:

-You can continue to use FrontPage to develop the site. However, some features offered by FrontPage are based on FPSE. This can include themes, hit counters, and the FrontPage publishing feature. These are known as web-bots. It is recommende that you disbale any use of web-bots and use other methods instead. You can publish your site using FTP, which is supported within FrontPage.

- To publish your site, you should be using FTP or FTPS. FrontPage does support FTP. But if you want more advanced features, or if you wish to use FTPS then using an FTP client would be best. There are many from which to choose. The article below discusses FTP and FTP clients.


Additional information:

Customers hosted on Linux/Apache servers with  cPanel. Please note that cPanel has removed FrontPage from the control panel.



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