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Session or Script timeout values

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The following configuration parameters are implemented on Windows based Shared Hosting services and Dedicated Managed hosting services. Changes to these limits  follow these rules, except where noted:

  • These values are not changeable on Shared Hosting plans. 
  • Most of these values can be changed on Dedicated Managed server hosting, as the potential for impact is limited to just the dedicated hosting customer. As such, the dedicated server customer accepts and bears any risk associated with changes to these parameters.  To request changes, simply submit a support request with your requirements.

Parameter/configuration list:

  • AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed="4048000" (4MB)
  • SessionTimeout = 20 (minutes)
    • SessionTimeout can be changed in your ASP script using the built-in Session object, sample: Session.Timeout = 40
    • Please note that when using SESSION.TIMEOUT that this value is in Minutes... so session.timeout=40 is a 40 minutes... if you need 4 hours, you'd need to set session.timeout=240   which is 4 hr multiplied by 60 minutes per hour.
    • has a great sample showing how to check session timeout, change it, and check the new value, and the following link:
  • Server.ScriptTimeout = 90 (seconds)
    • Server.ScriptTimeout can be changed in your ASP script using the built-in Server object, sample: Server.ScriptTimeout = 180


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