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Faxes sent to customer email are being rejected or not received

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Problem: You are not receiving faxes sent via email by fax services such as, FaxMaker, etc...


There are two common causes:

  1. Maximum message size - currently 3Essentials allows a maximum message size of 10MB (as of the publishing of this article).  This includes mail header, subject, body, attachments.  The support team can verify this is the case if you believe this is what is affecting you - please open a support request, and provide the sender and recipient email addresses, and the approximate date/time the mail was sent, and request the team to verify if our spam filtering blocked the message due to size (or what reason).
  2. 3Essentials Spam Filtering Gateway does perform image scanning of inbound mail, however we no longer block based identifying an included image as being possibly spam.  Instead, we tag the message with a specific header value.  Please see the following article which describes this service: Spam Protection: Enabling 3E's image scanning spam filtering  If you have enabled this function, it is likely that these mails are being tagged by our gateway filtering, and the mail is being handled however you configured the appropriate "action" for this tag (delete, mark as spam, etc... this was configurable by you when you enabled this function).  To address this:
    1. You can disable the image scanning filtering compent, by removing rules you put in place to look for the 3espam-image tag in the header. OR
    2. We have spoken with the support team and and have found their service, by default, sends the fax with the full fax attached as a PDF and also the first page of the fax embedded in the email as a GIF.  It is this GIF that's being caught by our spam gateway's image scanning. has the ability to turn this off - to do so, you must contact MyFax's support department and request they disable this "send first page as GIF in email" feature.  MyFax's support options (phone/email) are available at:

If this does not resolve your issue, please submit your issue to the support team.

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