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Database size maximum / limitations

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Is there a limit/maximum size to databases (mysql or MSSQL)?


I'm getting an error in my application when attempting to INSERT or UPDATE record/data that is stating my database has reached the maximum allowed size?


On all of our shared hosting plans which include MSSQL or MySQL databases, MSSQL and MySQL databases are limited to 100MB in size by default. 

Note that this limit is ONLY on the datafile... we don’t count the trans log in the size, and we don’t put a limit on it.


You can increase this limit as follows up to a max of 500MB:

    • MSSQL $5/month/100MB *
    • MySQL $5/month/100MB *
So, for example:
    • 200MB is an additional $5/month
    • 300MB is an additional $10/month
    • 400MB is an additional $15/month
    • 500MB (the max allowed) is an additional $20/month

If your database needs are over .5GB (500MB), then our assessment is the db is not appropriate for a shared hosting solution, and needs a dedicated/virtual server due to resource consumption associated with databases of this size. Information on dedicated servers is available at:

If you need to increase your db max size limit to one of allowed sizes above, please submit a support request specifying the max size you need and approving the associated monthly charges.

 (*prices accurate as of the publishing of this article and may be changed before this article's scheduled review - to confirm current pricing, please check with our sales or support teams or check the "add-ons" section of our plans pages at

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