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How are transfer overages handled for a multi-domain plan?

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3Essentials offers several multi-domain plans wherein a customer is allocated a large amount of disk space and transfer which is evenly pre-allocated to each domain included in the plan. For instance:

If a customer has the B10 plan, it currently comes with:
- hosting for 10 domains
- 2500 MB of disk space
- 20 GB of transfer
When a customer adds a domain to their hosting via the control panel, each domain is allocated 1/10th of the available resources, so: - 250 MB of disk space
- 2 GB of transfer.

Customers CAN change the allocations if and as they wish (up to the total amount allowed for the plan). Customers cannot change this through the control panel, and simply need to submit a Support Ticket identifying the changes they wish to be made (specify the domain name, and then the new values for disk space and/or transfer).

For instance, a customer may wish to shift one domain more transfer than another:
- 250 MB of disk
- 1 GB of transfer
- 250 MB of disk
- 3 GB of transfer

How are transfer overages handled? When a customer logs into the MyAccount section for the first time, they will be prompted to select a preference for handling transfer overages:
- suspend the account for the remainder of the month
- automatically bill me for the overages

In either condition, 3Essentials will contact the customer and notify them the domain is over it's allocated transfer limit. Additionally:
- if the customer has selected to suspend, ONLY the offending domain will be disabled/deactived. The remaining domains will available as long as they have not exceeded their respective transfer limits.
- if the customer has selected to automatically be billed, 3Essentials will contact the customer to notify them they have exceeded their transfer limit for the domain. 3Essentials will NOT bill for extra transfer if the entire plan still has trasfer available, i.e., for a B10 plan, you will not be billed for extra transfer if a single domain exceeds it's limits, unless/until you have exceeded the total of 20GB available for all 10 domains. We will however notify you of the domain's overage, and work with you to allocate additional transfer from your total available to that domain's limit, or to add additional transfer to your overall plan, so that additional transfer can then be allocated to this domain.

For further questions/answers/details on this policy, potential new customer may submit their questions via a ticket to our SALES department. Existing customers may submit their question via our BILLING department.

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