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ERROR: Cgi-bin Does Not Refer to a Page or Folder in This Web

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You receive this error when publishing your site with FrontPage:

'Cgi-bin' Does Not Refer to a Page or Folder in This Web


This error is caused because you have created a cgi-bin folder in the site you have created and are trying to publish, and as such FrontPageServerExtensions are trying to create that as a virtual directory on your site on the server... however our default site structure already includes a cgi-bin virtual directory.  The solution is for you to change the name of your cgi-bin folder (you can simply change it to cgibin, or cgi_bin, etc.).  We cannot remove our default cgi-bin folder.

The problem is further documented in the following Microsoft knowledgebase article: (and a copy is also provided as a download to this article)

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