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Can I access my 3Essentials hosted website by the IP only?

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Can I access my 3Essentials hosted website by the IP only?


Yes, but not with a shared IP address, and not by default.  All websites on a server share an IP address by default, therefore it's the actual name of the domain that helps the webserver matching the website visitor's request to your website.  If your visitor tried to access the site by IP, the webserver wouldn't know which website to send them.  If you purchase a dedicated IP address for your domain, then you can access the site via IP, because your site is the only site using that IP address, hence the server will always serve up your website for all requests to that IP address.  However, this is not set up by default - if you wish this feature enabled, and you have a dedicated IP, simply submit a support request asking for your site to be enabled to be accessible via IP address.

After we make this change if you make any changes under the "Setup" icon of your Plesk control panel you may find that your site is no longer reachable by the IP address. If this occurs submit another ticket and we will correct the issue.

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