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Website prompts for login and password, and shouldn't

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My website (or a certain subfolder or area) of my site is prompting for a login/password, and it shouldn't....


Two things can cause prompting... and you can tell which one it is, by the text in the actual login prompt window....

  • If the prompt is "Welcome to something", this is definitely a protectedURL setting.   The "something" may change (based on the ProtectedURL realm text settings, but a ProtectedURL login prompt will always include the words Welcome to....
    • To resolve, log into your control panel, click on your domain, click the ProtectedURL icon, and review the settings you've set there.  If you still can't resolve it, submit a support request and our team will gladly help.
  • If the prompt does not contain "Welcome to", and simply has either "" or "connecting to", then the problem is that the file you're trying to access (, for example) doesn't have proper permissions properly set. 
    • To resolve, submit a support request identifying the exact URL/address where you are getting the unwanted login prompt.


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