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Page cannot be displayed in site builder

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Problem: After logging in the to the control panel and clicking on the 'Site Builder' icon the window that pops up says 'Page cannot be displayed'.

Cause: Your domain is not pointed to 3essentials name servers: /

Solution: Update your domain registration to point to: and OR use 'Temporary Work Around' solution detailed below.

Temporary Work Around:

This work around is intended for use by customers who have not cut over their DNS to 3essentials hosting and for one reason or another are not ready to do so. This work around is considered temporary and it is important that the entries made to the HOSTS file be removed once the DNS cut over is completed.
  1. You will need to edit your HOSTS file. For information about where to find and how to edit the HOSTS file on your computer please refer to this article: 
  2. The entry you will need to make in your HOSTS file is as follows:
      • The entry should be on a single line by itself.
      • The XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is the IP address your site is hosted on our website, if you are not sure what the IP address is and need assistance in finding it please submit a ticket to support. 
      • A space.
      • is your domain name...
      • a space
      •  where is your domain name.
  3. Save the file and close it.
  4. Clear History and Delete Temporary internet Files:
    • Close all browsers except one.
    • At the top of your browser click 'Tools' then 'Internet Options'
    • On the 'General' tab click the button: 'Delete Files' and 'Clear History'
    • Close browser and reopen it.
  5. Log in to your control panel and test site builder
  6. If site builder still does not work, submit a ticket to Support.
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