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Publising with MS Publisher 2003

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MS Publisher 2003 uses FrontPage components under the cover… FrontPage Server Extensions ‘98 to be exact… So, when publishing with this tool, you need to publish via HTTP not FTP, or you'll encounter problems with the FP components.

 To publish from MS Publisher 2003:

  • click File, Publish to Web
  • in the save as box, type
  • You should be prompted for your ftp/fp username and password, enter those
  • it should then connect and show them the contents of the httpdocs folder on the server…
  • in the save in box, type “index.html”, as the name of the file to save to… Select ok/yes, if prompted to overwrite existing file.
  • You will likely receive a message about Publisher creating special versions of html files.. this is fine... this just means that all of your site changes need to be done in Publisher, and published from Publisher using the steps outlined here.
  • Publisher publishes the main page as index.html, and then organizes all others as /index_files/somefile1.html, somefile2.html, etc…
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