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Plus Addressing: what is it and how do I use it

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Question: Plus addressing, what is it and how do I use it?

Answer: Plus Addressing is a feature of SmarterMail that allows you to automatically filter your incoming mail without first creating a content filtering rule. To demonstrate this ability, please consider the following example of plus addressing:

An Example email address:
Assume your email address is and you'll be receiving an email based newsletter every week called "ACME News"... and you want it to be automatically moved into a specific folder in your email web interface called "ACME".  To accomplish this, all you have to do is:
- enable plus addressing your email address
- have the newsletter sent to you at this address:
Note: that the folder name is AFTER the username but before the
When the newsletter gets delivered to your email account, it will be directed to the ACME folder, which will be created automatically if it does not already exist. No additional steps are required. The whole process is automatic once, you enable the feature.
In addition, if you include the '/' character in your plus address, you can automatically create sub-folders, as in the following example:
This email address will create a folder called Newsletters, then create an ACME folder under it, and drop the newsletter into the ACME folder.
As an added bonus, you can connect to folders in your email using POP3 by using plus addressed emails.  The example above, when input into your POP email client as your login name, will return the contents of the folder.


  • Plus addressing really assumes that you will be using WEBMAIL as your mail client.  It moves mail to folders that exist (or it creates) in your MAILBOX ON THE SERVER... these do not translate to folders in Outlook if you're using Outlook as a mail client.   If you want to have Outlook automatically sort mail into Outlook folders, you'd have to take a different approach, listed next.
  • Providing a similar function in Outlook:
    • set a content filter in your mailbox settings to look for a key (something unique in the sender email address, subject, body, etc), and have it put a HEADER into the email (something like "key=filterA").  Then create an Outlook RULE to check mail headers for that value, and MOVE that mail into the appropriate Outlook folder. 

To enable Plus Addressing in SmarterMail:
1)    Login to the web interface as a User
2)    Click Settings
3)    Click My Settings
4)        Click the Plus Addressing tab
5)        Check the Enable check box
6)        Select one of these three options:
a.        Move to folder
b.        Move to folder if it exists
c.         Leave in Inbox
7)        Click Save
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