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Question: Does 3Essentials support Subversion CVS system? (

Answer:  The requirements for Subversion, specifically, which are:

- Apache 2.0
- installation of mod_dav
- installation of mod_dav_svn (by subversion)
- custom configuration of Apache's httpd.conf file to export (or expose) the repository

As such, 3Essentials for this component is as follows:
  • Windows Hosting (shared or dedicated managed server):
    • although there is Apache for Windows available, we run IIS as the webserver, not Apache. So this isn't supported on our Windows shared hosting plans.
  • Linux Shared Hosting (shared or dedicated managed server):
    • Subversion requires changes we don't support on our Linux shared hosting due to security and compatibility issues (integration with the control panel management software).
  • Windows/Linux Dedicated Unmanaged Servers:
    • On unmanaged dedicated servers, customers are free to install, configure and manage any software they  wish (and properly license).

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