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How to put your icon in the address bar

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How do I get my logo to display in the address bar?  How do I remove the red dots logo that currently shows in the address bar when visiting my site?

Some web browsers will search the website root for a file called favicon.ico, and if present, it will display it as the logo in the address bar.  Some versions of our plesk control panel will actually put the Plesk "red dots" logo in this spot, as a placeholder.  You can, of course, overwrite this (or simply remove it) if you chose to. 

So if you want to simply remove the red dots logo in the address bar, FTP to your site, and delete the favicon.ico file.  You will likely have close close all instances of your browser, and reopen and revisit the site to see the icon remove from your browser, because your browser will cache this icon file.  Closing your browser will clear the cache.

If you want to REPLACE it with your own icon, you'll need to create an ICON file (which is a special type of image file) of your logo, ftp it to your website root (httpdocs) and name it favicon.ico (replace the existing file there, if needed).

To create an icon file, you'll need image software that is designed to create an icon file... it's not simply an image file renamed to *.ico... it's a specific format.  You can find image to icon converters and icon generating software on, by simply searching on "icon".

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