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Certified Domain doesn't work with DNN

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When I purchased my domain with 3Essentials, I opted for the Certified domain. I got all that setup yesterday and once it's verified, I was provided some code to copy/paste into the html on my site. So, I took the code, and put it into a Text/HTML module in my DotNetNuke 4.7 site. Now when I save that entry and return to the page, nothing shows up, and when I go back into the module the code is gone. I'm trying to figure out why those will not work in the site.


The snippet for certified domains needs to go into the "Header" or "Footer" of the Text/HTML module under it's settings, and NOT in the actual module. The module can't process the code but since the Header and Footer are outside what the module controls it won't have the same problem.

If you need further info or support on the certified domain product, please contact our domain registration support by going to and clicking the option for DOMAIN REGISTRATION SUPPORT.

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