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Does 3Essentials allow SSL on a subdomain?

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Does 3Essentials allow SSL on a subdomain?
For example,  ("" is a subdomain of

  • Shared Hosting: Yes, however a special configuration is required:
    • In the plesk control panel, the standard method for creating a subdomain is using the subdomains icon under the domain in question.  I.e., yielding this type of configuration:
      • domain:
        • subdomain:
    • However, Plesk does not provide any options for adding SSL support on that subdomain, preventing you from having SSL/HTTPS support on the subdomain.
    • There is a workaround; you can actually configure your subdomain as a DOMAIN in plesk.  The functionality will be absolutely the same, however instead of this:
      • domain:
        • subdomain:
    • You would see THIS:
      • domain:
      • domain:
    • With the subdomain configured as a DOMAIN, we're then be able to use plesk to configure SSL/HTTPS support on the subdomain. 
    • Note that this will count as one of your "domains" being used in your hosting plan. 
      • So if you have a 10 domain plan, this subdomain would use one of available 10 domains. 
      • If you have a single domain plan, you will need to add a second domain to your plan.  Please submit a request to our BILLING team for options on adding an additional an additional domain to your  existing plan.
  • Dedicated/Virtual Servers: This is up to the customer to configure, as Ded/Virt Server customers manage their own hosting configuration.
  • Dedicated/Virtual Managed Servers: Yes, see the note under Shared Hosting.
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