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SugarCRM installation

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Question: Can I installed SugarCRM on my hosting plan with 3Essentials?


  • Dedicated Servers: Yes.  Dedicated servers are "unmanaged"; you are the admin, it's up to you to install, configure, manage, and support your own applications and hosting solution.
  • Shared Hosting and Managed Dedicated Servers:
    • While we're not specifically familiar with Sugar CRM, we did review the product and deployment options at:

      The "Fast Stack" installation, designed for you to do your own installation, is designed to be run directly on the server, and includes installation of hosting infrastructure components like Apache, MySQL, and PHP. This won't work with us for 2 reasons:

      • Shared hosting or Managed Dedicated servers already have all of those infrastructure components installed, to our own standards and configurations.

      •   We do not allow the execution of 3rd party applications directly on our managed plans (shared or mgd dedicated). Only installations which are web-based, and can be executed via browser based access to your hosting space (i.e., something like or similar).

      Reviewing the other options on Sugar CRM's deployment site, they do not appear to have an installation designed for a shared hosting type hosting model. For all of them, they appear to assume direct access to the server console. For security purposes, this is not allowed on shared hosting.  You may wish to contact Sugar CRM directly, and ask them if they have an installation option appropriately suited for shared hosting. Such an installation option would make these assumptions:
      • all infrastructure software is in place (Apache, mysql, php). 
      • your website is already created and configured within the webserver, and has php support enabled.
      • a mysql DB is already created, the table/data structure for the db would be created by a SQL script directly executed against the db or as a result of a installation script (like a php script executed via web access to the site)
      • any installation would be performed via WEB access to the hosting space (i.e., something like or similar).

        This is the model most commonly used for CRM software; for example, the following widely used CRM solutions install in this fashion: DotNetNuke, PHPNuke, Joomla, Wordpress, etc..

        It is possible that SugarCRM doesn't intend for their solution to be hosted in a shared hosting solution, and may even require a dedicated server environment. Again, we're not deeply familiar with the product, and you'd need to consult with them directly on understanding their deployment options and requirements.

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