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ERROR: Could not allocate space for object in database because the PRIMARY filegroup is full

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Problem: Receiving an error similar to the following in a website where you use a MSSQL database:
Could not allocate space for object SOME-OBJECT in database SOME-DATABASE because the 'PRIMARY' filegroup is full
Resolution: Your MSSQL database has reached the maximum allowable size.  You may be able to reduce the size of the database, or increase your maximum size limit:
  • Reducing the size: You can connect to your database using the DBwebadmin utility in your control panel (found under domain > database > the actual database) or by connecting remotely from your desktop using our Secure Database Admin solutions:   Once connected to your database, determine the table(s) with the maximum size, and depending on your data, your preferences, the nature of your database driven application, you may be able to remove data to reduce the size.  One example is for DNN based sites, the EventLog table may grow due to having DNN logging turned on - you can clear entries from this table to free space - PLEASE see's documentation for clearing this.   You may also wish to disable logging in DNN - please see DNN's documentation on this.
  • Increasing your max allowed database size... the following article talks about limits on database sizes, and provides information on inceasing the max:
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