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Accessing Sitebuilder

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  • For customers with hosting plan versions hosted on our Plesk 8.x version servers (web 18), if your plan includes SiteBuilder 4 then you can access the SiteBuilder 4 Wizard by doing the following:
    1.  Login to your PLESK control panel
    2.  Click on your domain name
    3.  Click the Setup Icon.  You can skip this step if the SiteBuilder Icon is not grayed out.
    4.  Check the check box labeled "Publish With SiteBuilder".  Scroll to the bottom of that page and click OK
    5.  SiteBuilder 4 is now active and you can access by clicking on your domain name, then clicking on the SiteBuilder Wizard Icon.
    IMPORTANT:  Do not use the links to SiteBuilder on the left hand side of the navigation pane in PLESK.  These are hard coded into PLESK, cannot be removed and sometimes do not work as expected.
    If your plan does not include SiteBuilder 4, then visit our website or contact us at to find out how to add SiteBuilder 4 to your hosting plan.
  • For customers with hosting plan versions hosted on our Plesk 7.5.6 version servers (web10, 12, 14, 16), if your plan includes Sitebuilder, you should find the sitebuilder icon active in your control panel under each domain.  If you do not, and you believe your plan does include Sitebuilder, please submit a support request.
  • For customers with hosting plan versions hosted on our Plesk 6.x or 7.0.3 version servers (web4, 6, 8), Sitebuilder is available, but not in the control panel. 
    • if it's the first time you're accessing Sitebuilder, you'll need to submit a support request asking us to enable your Sitebuilder access.
    • Once we've enabled your Sitebuilder access, you'll access Sitebuilder at and login as follows:
      • FTP login: (your ftp username) @ (where webX is your hosting server, i.e., web4, web6, or web8).
      • Password: (your ftp password)
      • Site identity: leave blank


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