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Zen Blank Pages With DB Sessions Enabled

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There is a bug in the Zen Cart not being compatible with PHP 5.2.6.  Check your server to see what version of PHP is running.

Applies to
Zen version 1.3.6  and older.

Does not apply to the latest version:
Zen 1.3.8.

When logging into Zen, the login is accepted but the page remains blank.

The bug is in the way sessions are stored in the database. There is a $db session variable that is ending up null (empty) when the /includes/session.php file is called.

Here is a zen article that discusses this:

Workaround For Version 1.3.6 and older:
Setup your Zen cart to store it's sessions in the /cache directory. This enables Zen to work properly, but is not the preferred method of storing sessions.  To do this alter the configure.php files for both the store and the admin site (store/includes/configure.php and store/admin/includes/configure.php).  Change the sessions variable from 'db' to '' (an empty variable leaving just the two single quotes)

Upgrade to the latest version of Zen, currently 1.3.8
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