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Shared SSL: using SharedSSL on 3Essentials Linux plans

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This article discusses the SharedSSL function as implemented on 3Essentials Windows hosting plans.   Please also see these relevant articles:

If you require HTTPS/SSL access to your site to use your own domain name exclusively, aslo called "Dedicated SSL" (i.e., instead of the SharedSSL https://webX/yourdomain-virt-dir), then you need to upgrade your hosting plan to provide for your own SSL certificate.  This requires:

  • adding a static/unique IP address to your site
  • purchase of an SSL certificate.

Please submit a support ticket indicating you wish to do this, and we'll advise you of pricing and options, and assist you through the process.  

 For details on enabling SharedSSL on 3Essentials Linux hosting plans (and if it's available to you on your server), please find your server listed below, and review the instructions provided there.  If you're not sure which server your hosting plan is hosted on, please submit a support request.

  • WEB9 and WEB11
    • SharedSSL is automatically available for your site with no changes or settings required by you.  The SharedSSL URL to access your site is OR (depending on which server your domain is hosted) where "username" is your cPanel username.  For example, if your your cPanel login for your domain is 12345, then your SharedSSL URL access to your site will be
    • This feature is not supported on any ADD-ON domains.  ADD-ON domains are a cPanel specific feature which allow hosting of multiple domains under a single cPanel username and hosting space.  Because ADD-ON domains are under the same cPanel username, the SharedSSL funciton is not available for them. 
    • This feature is supported on multiple domains under a cPanel Reseller account.... Reseller accounts create a different cPanel username for each domain, hence the SharedSSL functionality is available.
  • WEB5 and WEB7
    • The Shared SSL functionality is not available on these servers.  Please submit a support request indicating you are interested in this functionality, and the support team can advise you on options for moving to a current hosting plan and server which supports the SharedSSL function.
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